Biozyme - Testimonial

"I am quite pleased with Bio-Zyme by Integrative Therapeutics. I've been using it for only about one month, but I its effect was almost immediate. My digestion and therefore my BMs have improved quite a bit, although the effects aren't consistent. On some days Bio-Zyme works better than on others. A friend recommended Bio-Zyme to me after her naturopath recommended it to her and she'd found it very helpful."

- By Morgan June 26, 2012


"I put the tablet in her meals because I can not get her to eat them by themselves before meals as directed. I also am disappointed that I need to grind them and mix them in food. Don't know if it's made a significant difference. I will continue to use them and see where it goes."

- By Riowestie on 8 July,2011


"I tried this stuff while my newest dog was still sick and we were trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Unfortunately it turned out to be EPI, and while this stuff did help a little, it wasn't strong enough for him. The fact that it DID help some is impressive though, considering it was being administered to a dog who's pancreas was mostly atrophied. For those with normal animals, I'd recommend it as a digestion aid, but for more serious problems you'll definitely need something more powerful."

- By Alyssa on April 13, 2011


"This product works well but the directions have to be followed. I have been giving it to my dog for over two weeks and it seems to help her overall digestion. she has not had a bad reaction to it and I give her half a pill with her food at night. She is a cocker with a yeast infection and this is helping me treat it."

- By Lgjojdes on October 15, 2012